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Ben Stiller's Punk Band Has Reunited, and They're Still Really Good

Listen to a rework of "Confusion," the first single from the band's first new release in 35 years.
Alex Robert Ross
The VICE Guide to Right Now

New Yorkers, Here's How to Tell the Difference Between a Tiger and a Raccoon

For whoever called the cops after they confused an innocent little trash panda for a killing machine.
Drew Schwartz
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People Keep Mistaking the National Restaurant Association for the NRA

Imagine thinking you were going to a convention for AR-15 enthusiasts and instead walking into a room full of burger innovations.
Jelisa Castrodale

Confused Amazon Buyers Keep Trying to Vape Concentrated Food Flavoring

“Not vapeable taste like ass”
Jelisa Castrodale
Mind Games

Narcoleptics Can Have a Hard Time Telling Dreams From Reality

It's worse than wondering if you really ate that late-night sandwich.
Michelle Malia
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Too Many Americans Don't Know 'Obamacare' Is the Same Thing as the Affordable Care Act

A new poll found that a third of people were confused the law had two names, and even more were misinformed about the consequences of a repeal.
Lauren Messman
Black History Month

Sales of Frederick Douglass' Books Rose After Trump's Deeply Confused Comments

Hopefully Trump purchased a few copies for himself.
Diana Tourjée

The Trans Community Isn’t Sure What to Do Under President Trump

Fearing new policies, trans people scramble to secure hormones.
Breena Kerr
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Andrew W.K. on Clarity

Not allowing ourselves to float aimlessly throughout life in a cloudy daze is an unquestionably hard challenge, but one we owe ourselves to face head on.
Andrew W.K.

The VICE Guide to Getting Through a Mid-20s Crisis

A collection of thoroughly scientific ways to help you stop stressing about your shit life.
Hannah Ewens

Confused Beyoncé Fans Think Jay-Z Cheated on Her with Rachael Ray

Celebrity chef Rachael Ray is getting a lot of unwelcome comments on social media due to confusion over references to an extramarital affair in 'Lemonade.'
Wyatt Marshall

PREMIERE: White Poppy - "Confusion"

All you need is a forest, a cape, a Flying V and some 8mm film. If the Blair Witch was into shoegaze psych-pop, basically.
Mish Way