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30 Recipes for Rice, Your One True Love

Rice is life.
Munchies Staff
Congee Queens

Harmony Congee

Roasted squash, collard greens, and a big bowl of overcooked rice: the ultimate winter meal.
Pam Yung
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20 Recipes for a Vegan January

Giving up animal products for a month doesn’t have to suck.
Munchies Staff

Crab Congee

Both original and traditional, this is a rice dish, not a crab dish. But it is also an addictively delicious and comforting dish.
Jeremiah Stone
New York

Meet the 'Congee Queens' Who Want to Change the Face of Fast Food

“Can we bridge socioeconomic, cultural, and class gaps by sharing food experiences rooted in love?” That is just one of the many high-minded questions that the Congee Queens, a newly formed mission-based pop-up, hopes to answer.
Alex Swerdloff
chinese food week

Jeremiah Stone Puts Butter in His Congee and He Thinks You Should Too

"Any time anyone asks me to make something Chinese, I do this. It’s original, but it feels very traditional. I don’t work in a Chinese restaurant, but I can make Chinese food."
Jeremiah Stone
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This Vegetarian Congee Is Proof That Healthy Comfort Food Isn't an Oxymoron

This twist on the classic comfort dish is delicious and nourishing, but devoid of the outrageous amounts of cheese and/or butter present in most of our comfort food.
Munchies Staff

Phnom Penh’s Best Breakfast Comes From a Stall Next to a Sewer

Vanna has been serving babaw—a Cambodian rice porridge similar to congee—in a stall next to Phnom Penh’s infamous Lu Tuk S'Oi, or ‘bad smelling water’ for eight years.
Nathan A. Thompson