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Conservatives in Canada Want to Set Up a Snitch Line for ‘Barbaric Cultural Practices’

The Conservative government is ramping up its focus on how it will stamp out anything that threatens Canadian identity as leaders head into the final stretch of campaigning.
Rachel Browne
Canadian election

Here's Why Environmental Groups Are Afraid to Speak Out in Canada's Election

Three environmental charities say they're keeping quiet after government auditors told them last year not to appear partisan. One group was warned against even mentioning the 'Harper government'.
Hilary Beaumont
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A Smiths Tribute Act called "The Iain Duncan Smiths" Have Just Released a Song Called “Pig Mouth Strikes Again”

Sometimes the universe aligns and you have to take action.
Joe Zadeh

The Fight to Unmuzzle Canada's Scientists

Can voters in this fall's election be convinced that science matters as much as ISIS and the economy?
Stephen Buranyi

An Election Has Put the Brakes on Doctor-Assisted Suicide Consultations in Canada

In February, Canada's Supreme Court unanimously struck down the federal laws that made it a crime for doctors to help their patients die. It gave the government a year to come up with legislation to govern the practice.
Rachel Browne

We Asked Some Foreign Students What They Think of the UK's New Anti-Foreign Student Law

The government doesn't want foreign students to stay in the UK once they've completed their studies.
Ben Jackson

Canada Moves to Ban Salvia, Everyone's Favorite Terrifying Psychedelic

The Conservative government reportedly plans to continue its buzzkilling ways by making salvia divinorum an illegal drug.
Justin Ling

The Canadian Government’s New Anti-Weed Ad Is Tone-Deaf and Dumb

The Canadian government has a new ad campaign targeted at boomers with the stern message: if your teenager smokes weed, their brain will melt.
Patrick McGuire

We Asked Russell Brand's Revolutionaries About Their Ideal 'Alternative' Britain

This weekend, 50,000 of them marched on Parliament to demand change.
Euan Coe