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Boris Johnson Helped Create the Brexit Mess. Now it's His Job to Clean It Up.

The former mayor of London has long wanted to be prime minister. Now the top job is his, and so is the Brexit dumpster fire.


Theresa May suffered another disastrous Brexit defeat and no one knows what to do next

Britain is due to leave the EU in just SIXTEEN days.


Theresa May survived a mutiny — and Brexit is still a terrible mess

“A significant number of colleagues did cast a vote against me and I’ve listened to what they said.”


Theresa May's own party finally moved to kick her out

The PM warned that her removal would be disastrous for the Brexit process.


Banksy Is Offering Free Art to Anyone Who Votes Against Britain’s Conservatives [UPDATED]

Bristol-area residents just have to take a picture of their ballot to receive a limited edition "souvenir" in the mail—gratis.


Canada’s New Conservative Leader Is Pro-Pipeline and Anti-Carbon Tax

We looked into Andrew Scheer’s take on environmental issues. Here’s what we found.


Eating Every Sausage Roll and Cornish Pasty I Could Find in a Suburban Gas Station

Ginsters readymade sausage rolls and Cornish pasties are a British petrol station staple. I set myself the challenge of eating the entire range of pastry-flaked meat tubes—in a Shell garage forecourt, obviously.


How to Hold Politicians Accountable Without Being a Total Dick

Everyone's angry, and thanks to the internet, it's never been easier to express that anger.


How Scotland Could Ruin Theresa May's Career as British Prime Minster

Keeping Scotland part of the UK will be one of the prime minister's biggest challenges.


David Cameron is out, Theresa May set to become UK Prime Minister

After a formal power changing process with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, the Conservative politician will become Britain's new head of government.


It looks like Theresa May is going to be the UK's next prime minister

Conservative politician Andrea Leadsom withdrew her name from the race on Monday, leaving party rival Theresa May as the only remaining candidate to become the head of Britain's government.