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These US Cities Are Dealing With the Worst Drinking Water Problems Nationwide

Everyone deserves the right to clean and safe drinking water, so let’s continue to fight for the American communities that need our help.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
Livable Planet

844 Million People Around the World Can't Access Clean Drinking Water

Here are the most effective organizations fighting for clean water worldwide.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

Here's How NASA Satellites Can Help You Conserve Water

Science and conservation went hand in hand to help track levels of one of California's most important water sources.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
Livable Planet

Here's What You Can Do to Ensure Clean Water and Sanitation for All

It's easy to forget that having clean and accessible water is a luxury that many in the world do not have.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

These Chefs Are Changing the Way Restaurants Serve Seafood

Chefs Collaborative is a resource for working class chefs, producers and food professionals who want to advocate for positive sustainable food changes.
Derek Wagner
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Activists Call Foul on Trump's Park Service Plastic Bottle Ban Reversal

Here's how you can join the fight to ban the bottle in national parks right now.
Nick Chedli Carter
Impact Water

The UN Just Pledged to Make Good Things Happen in Ocean Conservation

Governments and the private sector agreed on 1,300 sustainable water commitments to take effect by 2020.
Kastalia Medrano
Impact Water

1,800 Gallons of Water Goes Into One Pound of Meat

Cut down on your water footprint without starving yourself at dinnertime.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

Why the Fuck Is This LA Fountain Still Gushing During the Drought?

Turning off the fountain that memorializes the asshole who originally channelled water into Los Angeles would be a sign that there's something wrong in this city, which there is.
Mike Pearl