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How New Zealand's Millennial Artists are Confronting Generational Stigma

Are millennials equally lost and lamentable the world over? A recent trio of forward-looking exhibitions in New Zealand suggests that youth remains a truly international—and consistently problematic—art-world obsession.
Lana Lopesi

Maurizio Cattelan Is One of Art's Greatest Mysteries

The renowned artist is as enigmatic as his controversial work.
Wilbert L. Cooper
50 states of art

Essay: Though Remote, Maine Is Fertile Ground for Contemporary Art

Artist and CMCA Associate Curator Bethany Engstrom weighs in on the art scene in one of the wildest, most remote states on the Eastern Seaboard.
Bethany Engstrom
50 states of art

And Gallery Is Fostering a Groundbreaking Contemporary Art Scene in Jackson, MS

What it's like working in a corner of the country where independent arts organizations are rare.
DJ Pangburn
Creators: 50 States of Art

Why This Couple Gave Away Their Priceless Art Collection to All 50 States

The Herb and Dorothy Vogel Story: How two NYC public servants amassed one of the country’s most important art collections.
Abby Ronner

I Got an Art Student to Explain London's Freize Art Fair to Me

As it was my first time to Frieze, and I know as much about art as your grandma knows about the gender binary, I got a friend who is a hoity-toity art student at the Royal Academy to look at it with me.
Joe Bish
daily vice

We Talked with Artist Ryan McGinness About His New Project 'Signals'

On this episode of 'Daily VICE' we meet up with the artist in Montauk to talk about his latest book and exhibition.
VICE Staff

Dan Colen Exposes Himself | Studio Visits

In anticipation of his first major retrospective, I took a trip out to painter Dan Colen's Red Hook studio.
Emerson Rosenthal

Feminist Artist Mary Kelly Fights the Patriarchy by Smearing Shit on Gallery Walls

If wine, soup cans, fascist symbols, and a man wrapped in a tent beside a coyote can be art, then why not dirty diapers?
Nell Frizzell

The Iranian Art Scene Is Exploding Right Now

Thousands of young painters and sculptors in Tehran are turning contemporary art into a powerful social force.
Bruno Macaes

Performance Artist Nastio Mosquito Is Building Skyscrapers with His Mind

In an interview with the dude who's been called "the coolest guy in art," he tells us about his latest work, "The Age I Don't Remember," which comments on the fallacy of our identities.
Nell Frizzell

Where Are All the British Asian Artists?

We spoke to artist Hardeep Pandhal about cultural identity and the pitfalls of positive discrimination.
Alun Evans