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anders’ New Doc Shows How to Build a Following in the Instagram Age

The Toronto R&B singer’s concert documentary reveals the work that goes into landing a sold-out debut show.


Cardi B and Petra Collins Are an Aesthetic Match Made In Heaven

How fashion photographer and filmmaker Collins' hyper-feminine lens interacts with Cardi in the "Bartier Cardi" video.


Superorganism's "Havana" Cover Will Get It Stuck In Your Head Again

The sprawling group covered Camila Cabello's "Havana-oh-na-na-my god I have been singing this song for my entire life" for Spotify Singles.


Superorganism Covered Pavement In Their Own Idiosyncratic Way

The enigmatic eight-piece performed a version of Malkmus and co.'s "Cut Your Hair" for Sirius XM.


Phoebe Bridgers Has an Unusual Favorite Elliott Smith Song

She talks about "Whatever (Folk Song in C)" on a Smith-focused podcast, and it makes for a great listen.


Björk's Airy New Mix Features Kelela, Arca, and Samples of Birds Singing

The set comes as part of her Mixmag cover story.


Face/Off Against Nicolas Cage in a Giant Cage

The makers of 'Laser Cat' and Cool Shit are building a bounce house from hell.


There is a Synthesiser Smaller Than a Ryvita Cracker and it Sounds Huge | US | Translation

Last night Thump made the sound of the summer on a souped up calculator.


This Track Jacket Was Designed for Real Life Internet Explorers

It's made by a company called Cool Shit, so you know it has to be good.


Dimepiece's Summer 2014 Lookbook

Since we're all for cultural appropriation and girl power, here's an exclusive look at Dimepiece's latest collection, Ride My Vibe, which features Tupac, mesh jerseys, and numbered dashikis.


"Sand Noise Device" Lets You Makes Music by Playing in the Sand

It's a fusion of augmented reality and generative synths, if we're getting technical.


A Bunch of Guys Wearing Chainmail and Bashing Each Other Is a Sport

If you don't think LARPing is a sport, these guys will cut your balls off with a sword. What isn't athletic about guys whupping each other with weapons, kicks, and punches directed at every body part except the back of the neck and knees?