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What We Know About the College Kid Charged with Murdering a Campus Cop

Hollis Daniels was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, and then he reportedly shot an officer in the head.
Allie Conti
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College Kids Are Now Going Around Slapping Police Horses in Canada, Apparently

Three people have been charged following multiple horse-slapping incidents at Queen's University in Ontario.
Allison Tierney
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Was an Innocent Man Sent to Prison for Killing a Cop 46 Years Ago?

Cleve Heidelberg says his only mistake on a fateful night in 1970 was lending his car to a cop killer. Forty-six years later, he's still in prison.
Charlotte Silver
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Do You Trust The Police? - The People Speak

In this episode of 'The People Speak,' VICE News traveled around the world to ask people what they think about the police.
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Dashcam Video Shows Arizona Cop Ramming Into Rampaging Robbery Suspect with Patrol Car

The suspect, who survived, had allegedly been on a rampage earlier that day allegedly involving breaking and entering, burglary, and arson.
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Video Shows Florida Cop Dragging Shackled Woman Through Courthouse by Her Feet

The 28-year-old woman had just left a mental competency hearing and shouts “I wish they would kill me already!” as a deputy hauls her across the floor.
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Buffalo Cop Loses Job And Pension After She Intervenes With Fellow Officer Choking A Suspect

Former Officer Cariol Horne lost her job and was charged with obstruction after she intervened while a fellow officer punched and choked an arrested man.
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El Paso Releases Video of Cop Executing Handcuffed Man — Where’s the Anger?

The video shows a summary execution by a police officer — an incident that should not be treated as an anomaly.
Natasha Lennard

Confessions of an Ex-Cop Bouncer

Former NYPD talks bribes, blowjobs, and other afterhours tales.
Olivia Graham
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Cop Shop Chic

Justine Electra is a tomboyish 25-year-old Australian who lives in Berlin where she gets up to all the usual stuff: singing on other people’s records, DJing, bar work, remixing, journalism, sleeping late, boozing and partying.
Teasel Yarnworthy
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Stuck in the Middle

I’m Dessie. I joined the Police Service of Northern Ireland three years ago and I’m based in Belfast. You may have heard of it. There are sometimes some mild disagreements between Protestants and Catholics here.
PC Dessie & Jason Johnson
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Pink Patrol

I've been a police officer for over ten years now. I'm a big, tall guy with an authoritative voice and a large "command presence." Oh, and I also happen to be as gay as a sunset.
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