Empowering Women Could Reduce Climate Change

The UN's new Gender Action Plan focuses on women achieving equal representation in government across the world by addressing climate change issues.
Jessica Williamson

Trump Loves Coal, But a 19-Country Coalition is About to Phase It Out Completely

The Cop23 climate negotiations were basically everybody leaving the U.S. to do whatever it wants to do with fossil fuels all alone.
Andrew Steer
Livable Planet

Let’s Stop Relying on the US Government to Lead the Fight on Climate Change

Following COP 23, an environmental conference on curbing emissions, it's clearer than ever that the threats posed by climate change cannot wait for the United States to get its act together.
Alexis Chemblette

Trump Holds the US Back While Other Countries and American Cities Take Action Against Climate Change

President Trump’s denialism caused cities to push for more ambitious climate action, but at this rate the Paris pledges won't keep us below temperatures necessary for survival.
Johanna Partin
climate change

Donald Trump’s Grandfather Was Likely a Climate Change Refugee

A new study charts how extreme weather events, like droughts and floods, drove a 19th century wave of German immigration to North America.
Stephen Leahy

A 2020 Deadline for Climate Change Solutions Is Needed to Prevent Ecological Collapse

Surviving climate change is a race against time, and 2020 is our first test.
Christiana Figueres
climate change

15,000 Scientists From 184 Countries Are Warning Humankind We Are Screwed

Human impacts on the environment are putting our future at risk, they say.
Stephen Leahy

Cities Are Scolding Countries at UN Climate Conference to Cut Emissions

An alliance including New York, Toronto, and London is challenging countries at COP23 to do more.
Stephen Leahy