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Great Barrier Reef

This Underwater Robot Will ‘Squirt’ Coral Larvae onto the Great Barrier Reef to Save It

The LarvalBot is an experimental technology that could revive damaged and dying parts of the Great Barrier Reef.
Sarah Emerson

The Seafloor Is Dissolving Because of Climate Change

According to a new study, ocean acidification is setting off a dangerous feedback loop that’s dissolving the very bottom of the ocean.
Caroline Haskins
barrier reefs

The Great Barrier Reef Is Losing Its Ability to Recover from Bleaching Events

Researchers documented a six-fold decrease in the recovery rate of the world's largest reef.
Daniel Oberhaus

We’ve Saved One of the Coral Reefs by Simply Bothering to Do Something

Coral doesn’t have to be doomed, we just have to actually try to save it.
Kaleigh Rogers
climate change

Coral Bleaching Is the New Normal

A true representation of the Anthropocene.
Rebecca Flowers

One-Fifth of the Global Population Risks Malnutrition As Fish Stocks Decline

Scientists identified ‘bright spots’ where, against all odds, fish are thriving.
Kate Lunau
Death of the Great Barrier Reef

Turns Out Dying Coral Reefs Smell Even Worse Than They Look

The Great Barrier Reef is a living animal. And bleaching is turning it into a stinking, decaying coral graveyard.
Katherine Gillespie
Hell or Salt Water

Is Sunscreen from Snorkelers Killing Coral Reefs?

Many resorts insist on biodegradable sunscreen, but we wanted to know how big of an impact sunblock really has.
Kaleigh Rogers