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Rio 2016

Strange Summer Olympic Sports: Are They Good? An Investigation

An evidence-based look into whether the weirder sports on offer at the Summer Olympics—your horse-dancing and skeet shooting and so on—are actually good to watch.
Corbin Smith
reel talk

Steve Blake's Angry Ghost Will Haunt Portland Forever

Steve Blake has brought his grim, workaday playmaking and wild temper to Portland on three separate occasions. He won't be back this year. It's sadder than it seems.
Corbin Smith

An Illustrated Guide To The 2016 Home Run Derby

Relive the majesty, power, Giancarlo-ness, and bellowing Chris Berman puns of the Home Run Derby through the magic of primitive crayon illustrations.
Corbin Smith
reel talk

Steve Kerr, Destroyer Of Whiteboards, And Other NBA Finals Moments: The Corbin Smith Review Of Online Highlights

A journey to the dark heart of Steve Kerr's whiteboard-destroying rage, as led by a guy who generally doesn't get too angry about stuff. Also, uh, Richard Jefferson.
Corbin Smith
reel talk

A Personal Journey to the Animal Heart of Basketball, with Corbin Smith

In which our Basketball Highlights Critic turns a critical eye on his own game. In the process, he taps into a deeper and more primal vision of basketball.
Corbin Smith
horrific meatwands

The VICE Sports Guide to Horrific Foods (Maybe) Available at Big League Ballparks

It can be hard to keep up with all the horrific new stunt-foods introduced in MLB ballparks every year. So we didn't, and wrote about imaginary ones instead.
Corbin Smith
reel talk

One Day, 11 NBA Highlight Videos: The Reel Talk Guide To NBA.Com's Weird Aesthetic

As we enter the pre-playoffs lull, our hero takes a deep dive into the weird little rinky-dink highlight videos that does for every meaningless game.
Corbin Smith
march madness

Dunks, Death, Damn-Age: The Corbin Smith Review Of Online March Madness Highlights

The saddest 360-degree dunk ever recorded, an attempted-Mozgov that's a parable for youthful ambition, and death comes in the form of UConn's women's team.
Corbin Smith

Under The Hardwood, The Sand: The Case for Basketball on the Beach

Basketball as it is played today bears little resemblance to the game James Naismith invented. But to get back to basketball's roots, we must go to the beach.
Corbin Smith
reel talk

Reel Talk: Corbin Smith's Review Of Online Basketball Highlights, All-Star Week Edition

On a week without much in the way of NBA basketball games, we nevertheless got the best aesthetic moment of the NBA season and...a chance to watch college games?
Corbin Smith
reel talk

Reel Talk: The Corbin Smith Review Of Still Photos Of NBA All-Stars

For a week, our basketball highlight video critic turns away from the moving image and looks for the moments of grace and revelation in still photos of All-Stars.
Corbin Smith
Super Bowl 50

The VICE Sports Illustrated Recap of Super Bowl 50

Relive every turnover, several important incompletions, many of Jim Nantz's attempts at contextualization, and all the other thrills of Super Bowl 50. Through art.
Corbin Smith