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The Campy, Creepy Appeal of 'The Lost Boys'

We look back on Joel Schumacher's 80s cult classic, 30 years after it was made.
Marianne Eloise

Am I the Only One Who Sees the Beauty in THAT Corey Feldman Performance?

Nobody has ever gone for something harder than Corey Feldman has gone for "it" during this moment.
Emma Garland
state college spikes

Corey Feldman Singing in an Empty Baseball Stadium is Depressing as (Almost) Hell

Corey Feldman put on a concert after a minor league baseball game and, man, it is depressing as Hell.
Sean Newell

This Unreleased 15-Year-Old Low-Budget Horror Film Starring Adam West and Corey Feldman Is Truly Bizarre

It was just discovered on YouTube, so we watched the whole thing and talked to the special effects guy behind all the spooky ghost stuff.
Mike Pearl and Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
Deep Ass Questions

14 Questions Raised by Corey Feldman's Video for "DUH!"

Oh Corey…
Amalia Graziani

We Went to One of Corey Feldman's Parties (Again)

We went to Corey Feldman's birthday party last year, and it was a total disaster. When we heard he was throwing a Valentine's Day party, we should have known to stay home. We went anyway, and it was also a total disaster.
Dave Schilling

Jerry O'Connell Is Currently Doing Some Super Artsy Thing Next Door to Shia LaBeouf

<i>Silders</i> and <i>Tomcats</i> star Jerry O'Connell donned a paper bag to tell that world that he is also sorry, but not sorry for being sort of famous. He even put his installation right next door to Shia LaBeouf.
Dave Schilling

I Went to Corey Feldman's Birthday Party

Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
A Few Impressions

How to Structure Your Life: A Review of Corey Feldman's Biography, 'Coreyography'

I think I can learn a lot from Corey Feldman’s autobiography, <i>Coreyography</i>. At the age of three, he became the family’s breadwinner; with that came a host of unfair responsibilities for the young Corey. Does that explain how he turned into the...
James Franco
Longreads Or Whatever

Man Man Are Full of Shit

Or they are dead serious. It’s hard to tell under the mustaches.
Dan Ozzi

I'm Being Cyberbullied by Corey Feldman

I recently wrote an article about attending Corey Feldman's birthday party. Though the article was approved by Corey, he became very mad after its publication. Yesterday, he put out a press release accusing me of cyberbullying.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

More Photos from Corey Feldman's Birthday Party

Yesterday I wrote about Corey Feldman's birthday party. Corey was not happy with the images I used in my post, so here is a wider selection. Corey, if you're reading this, I hope this makes things better between us.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete