With Her Last Corgi Dead, Queen Elizabeth’s Rule Is Truly Ending

What the death of Willow, aged 14, really means.
Winnie Code

People Told Us the Most Irrational Thing They Hate in Six Words

“Tiny legs, big ears. Stupid corgis.”
Anna Goldfarb
Short Dogs

Minor League Baseball Gives Us The Corgi Races We Need

Before the West Michigan Whitecaps faced the Lansing Lugnuts, 38 short, wiggly, well-intentioned, generally dopey dogs faced off in a series of races. Thank goodness.
David Roth
Views My Own

The UK Is Waiting for the Queen to Die

Across the country, newspaper editors, TV pundits, and police are just biding their time.
Sam Kriss

Why 2016 Was the Year of the Algorithmic Timeline

2016 was the year that the likes of Instagram and Twitter decided they knew better than you what content you wanted to see in your feeds.
Roisin Kiberd

Corgis Play Tetherball, are Sports

Jump. Yip. Succeed. Fail. Repeat. The internet, in the end, will invariably make corgis of us all.
David Roth

Cry-Baby of the Week: A Woman Tried to Trick a Guy Into Raping Someone She Didn't Like

Also this week: A guy shot a dog because he was sick of the sound of barking.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
Motherboard Blog

The Queen of England Is an Incredible Corgi Whisperer, Says Royal Cowboy

A Stetson-wearing cowboy from California and an animal-loving queen cross paths in the late 80s thanks to his prodigious reputation as a full-on horse whisperer, a guy with the ability to tame wild horses with words and gestures. It sounds like an a...
Derek Mead