This AI Can Insert Your Selfie Into Famous Paintings

Digitally adding objects to photos is trivial, but AI researchers have struggled to replicate the same techniques with paintings.


Scientists Want to Send Holographic Messages to Nearby Stars on Light Sails

The unique properties of holograms could be used to stabilize spacecraft and carry huge amounts of data to the universe.


An Ivy League A Capella Group Got Booted for Hazing with Icy Hot

Pledges also had to "race up and down a street and then consume foods," according to the school's report.


The Story of the Best Grateful Dead Show Ever

'Cornell '77: The Music, the Myth, and the Magnificence of the Grateful Dead's Concert at Barton Hall' explores the show's story.


Turns Out That Using Human Poop to Fertilize Crops Isn't Such a Great Idea

Is it time to reexamine regulations on sewage sludge fertilizer?


Afrika Bambaataa's Hip Hop Collection Will Be Archived at Cornell University

The collection will be part of the University's growing hip hop archive.


Your Cluttered Kitchen Might Be Making You Fat

A recent study has found what appears to be a direct link between caloric intake and how cluttered a kitchen is.


Ithaca, New York's Eclectic, All-Ages DIY Scene Should Make the Rest of the Country Jealous

With an active all-ages scene driven by the nonprofit Ithaca Underground and cool labels like 73 Records and Don Giovanni calling it home, Ithaca's music is gorges.


Why Men Stuff Their Faces to Impress Women

A study out of Cornell University has found that men tend to load up their plate a hell of a lot more at the buffet when they're eating with a lady-friend.


In Unearthed College Essay, Ann Coulter Rails Against Conservative Men

In a college essay originally published in "The Cornell Review"—the Ivy League university's Republican newspaper she founded in 1984—a young Ann Coulter writes about how conservative men have "a difficult time with women."


The Four Best Suspects for Life in Our Solar System

Mars and Europa are givens, but the other two may surprise you.