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Corporate America Celebrated Tax Cuts by Laying Off Workers

Don't let a twisted and dishonest PR scheme by massive companies grateful for Trump's huge Christmas present distort the truth.
David Dayen
the internet

Inside the Reddit Forum Trolling Corporate America

Just try not to laugh saying these taglines out loud.
Laura Conner

Experience Enron's Everyday Evil with a 500,000+ Email Experiment

One of the most notorious corporate scandals in American history comes to your inbox in Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne's project, 'The Good Life.'
Azura Wannmann
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Now Martin Shkreli Wishes He Could Have Raised the Price of His $750 Pill Even Higher

"Try to be a CEO yourself. See how it goes," he said.
Mike Pearl

These 1980s McDonald's Ads Perfectly Predicted Our Future

Watch the restaurant take everything from a miserable old man in this serialized corporate dystopia.
Adam Owen

​While Business And Sports Celebrated #LoveWins, The NFL Chose The Sidelines

While MLS and corporate America celebrated last week's Supreme Court marriage equality ruling on social media, the NFL and other leagues kept mostly quiet. Why?
Ted Philipakos

How Improv Made Its Way into Corporate America

While it's hard to imagine a buttoned-up CEO playing classic improv games, improvisational workshops are becoming fashionable in corporate America.
Jacob Harper

The Coming Robot Apocalypse Looks Like a Bunch of Spreadsheets, Not Killer Drones

We're succumbing to the economic equivalent of carbon monoxide. The future we were promised, of limitless leisure kept afloat by a few breezy hours of work each week, looks more distant than ever. Our destruction by automatons is disappointingly un...
Peter Lawrence Kane

The Real Trouble with Disruption

In the Silicon Valley lexicon, disruption is such an overused buzzword that even sunglasses are capable of it. But disruption impacts people’s lives every day—the lives of vulnerable workers.
Nathan Schneider