corporate feminism

    • 3.4.19

      The Women Rewriting Feminism for a Late Capitalist World

      "Feminism for the 99%: A Manifesto" argues that liberal feminism has failed to address the deep-seated systems of inequality that undergird gender oppression. So what's next?

    • 2.7.19

      A Peek Inside Miki Agrawal's Feminist Void

      Self-styled "She-E-O" Miki Agrawal left the underwear startup Thinx in 2017 amid sexual harassment allegations. Now she's back with "Disrupt-Her," a new book that encourages women to embrace a contentless version of feminism that's been diluted by brands.

    • 4.25.17

      We're Living in the Era of the Hypocritical 'Feminist' Boss

      From Nasty Gal's "Girl Boss" to Thinx's "She-E. O.", female executives have taken to branding themselves as outspoken feminist role models—but what good is that if their employees are allegedly denied basic rights and protections?