Should Freelancers Form a Company to Save at Tax Time?

Don’t fall into the paralysis by analysis trap—it’s not that complex.
Raj Chander
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Walmart Will Now Offer Health Insurance for Its Transgender Employees

The country's largest private employer will now join more than 600 companies offering LGBTQ-inclusive healthcare options.
Allison Schaller

We Asked A Lawyer What to Do if You’ve Been Screwed by an Arbitration Clause

We asked a lawyer what to do when a big corporation steals your money and then says you can't join a class action suit against them.
Brian McManus

No More Free Cheese Sticks for Kraft Employees

In the wake of its merger with Heinz, cost-cutting at Kraft has resulted in an end to the boundless cheese sticks and infinite Jell-O that employees once enjoyed.
Munchies Staff
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Colorado Supreme Court Says You Can Be Fired For Smoking Medical Weed

The state court ruling determined that Dish Network acted within the law when it fired medical marijuana user Brandon Coats after he tested positive for marijuana in an impromptu drug test.
Tess Owen

This Artist Turned Herself into a Corporation to Sell Her Data

Jennifer Lyn Morone is the founder, CEO, shareholder, and product of Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc.
DJ Pangburn

Corporate Sponsorship of Indigenous Groups: A Necessity or Selling Out?

Indigenous organizations are accepting lifelines from a controversial source — namely oil & gas or resource extraction companies.
Martha Troian
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Advertisers Are Living in Your Brain

A group of researchers used brain-computer interface devices to extract PINs from people’s minds and published their findings. One of the paper’s authors, told us not to worry about being mindfucked. Instead, this technology will mostly be used for...
Hannah Murphy
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It's Illegal for You to Say "Olympics" in London Right Now

Heads up, Londoners; best scrub away any reference to the Olympics on your home or person. Five-ringed decorations, signage boasting a pun on "the games", banners alluding to "gold"—toss them out. And burn away anything else that the "brand police...
Brian Merchant