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The Most Important Thing You Can Do on Prime Day Is Not Shop at Amazon

This is a chance for you to take stock of your relationship with what might be the most powerful company in America.
Matt Taylor
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What Amazon's Fight Against Taxes Says About Its Political Power

Seattle tried, and failed, to tax the mega corporation, run by the richest man in the world.
VICE Staff
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Amazon Is Too Big to Tax and It's Terrifying

The mega corporation led by the richest man in the world is flexing its political muscle more than ever. You should be worried.
Matt Taylor
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America Is a Spiraling Corporate Contract Dystopia

To live, you have to let corporations walk all over you.
SovCit, Esquire
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Trump's New Tax Plan Would Cut Taxes for the Rich and Businesses

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin released the president's one-page bulleted list Wednesday, which called for tax cuts across the board.
Drew Schwartz

Bigger Corporations Are Making You Poorer

A wave of new research shows how as corporations get bigger, the share of money out there going to actual workers declines.
Matt Stoller

This Guy Makes Money Selling Fake Holidays to Corporations

And nonprofits.
Luke Winkie

I Went to a Noam Chomsky Ballet

Five 40-something balding guys have turned the philosopher's ideas into a man-dance extravaganza.
Gavin Haynes

Corporations Have Finally Made Weed Boring

This year's Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition showed just how corporate the weed industry is getting.
Justin Caffier
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An Apple Employee Was Found Dead in a Conference Room

According to a local sheriff, there are no signs of foul play in the incident.
Mike Pearl

How to Make a Play About Technology as Human as Possible

'Darknet' opens this week at London's Southwark Playhouse. Playwright Rose Lewenstein and director Russell Bender discuss their creative process.
Amelia Dimoldenberg

Inmates Paint and Draw the Rich People They Think Should Be Behind Bars

The guys behind the statue of Edward Snowden that briefly resided in a Brooklyn Park have a new politically-charged art project.
Brian Josephs