The Retired Cops Who Identify Corpses the Old-Fashioned Way

Former cops Gene Sullivan and James Cardin have never had fancy computers or lab assistants to help with the grim work of identifying bodies.


An Apple Employee Was Found Dead in a Conference Room

According to a local sheriff, there are no signs of foul play in the incident.


Missing Penises, Corpse Selfies, and Armpit Fat: The Life of a Romanian Medical Student

"One time, a colleague dared me to make a cadaver smile, so I pulled at its cheeks and did it."


Darkness Descends in a "Sunless Deluge" From Finnish Funeral Doom Masters Tyranny

Finnish funeral doom asserts its dominance once again on Tyranny's upcoming new album, 'Aeons in Tectonic Interment.'


'Practically Everybody Is Capable of Murder': An Interview with a Forensic Pathologist

If you die a violent death, chances are you'll soon be on a cold table in front of someone like Eva Schemer.


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Gravestones from the Past Were Way Cooler Than They Are Today

Headstones today are as boring and lifeless as the bodies that lie beneath. But in the past, headstones were a way to show the person's personality with quotes, miniature sculptures, and elaborate artwork.


Necrophilia Is a Tough Crime to Adjudicate

Laws for governing the treatment of dead bodies are murky at best and contradictory at worst, since it's more of an ethical question whether corpses should be treated like people or property.


Should Photographing Corpses Be Illegal?

In a world where photos of corpses can circulate around the internet and cause distress to grieving families, does it make sense to formally ban anyone taking pictures of dead bodies?


Here's Everything We Learned About Death in 2014

Bodies turned up in weird places, people had complicated feelings about suicide, and the circumstances of our eventual deaths became disturbingly clear.


Photographs of My Grandfather in His Coffin

My sister and I helped the mortician prepare him for his coffin. We dressed him into his best suit, combed his hair—it felt like a last favor for him.


The Strange Case of the English Porpoise That Fucked Itself to Death

Last week, a sexually exhausted porpoise was found on a side street in Sussex wrapped in a yellow tarpaulin. Weirdly, this isn't even a rare occurrence.