Another Day Another Hack

This Counterfeit iPhone Is Riddled With Backdoors and Malware

Fake devices look real but are rife with unpatched operated systems, outdated kernels, and a universe of dodgy backdoors and malware, researchers have found.
Karl Bode

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump starts broadcasting on Facebook Live, terrorists kill at least 59 at a police college in Pakistan, right-to-carry laws may actually make campuses less safe, and more.
VICE Staff

Everything We Know About the Fentanyl Pills That May Have Killed Prince

Bootleg fentanyl from China has flooded the illicit opioid market in both the US and Canada.
VICE Staff

How to Print $250 Million in Fake Money and (Mostly) Get Away With It

Over Goldschlager, the world's self-dubbed best counterfeiter tells us how he got caught, but is still a free man.
Brigitte Noël
The VICE Guide to Right Now

'Hamilton' Could Ruin Plans to Get a Woman on the $10 Bill

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was really into the idea of putting a woman on money, but then he saw Lin Miranda-Manuel's musical.
Helen Donahue

Canadian Students Made This Neat Nanotech Ink to Thwart Counterfeiters

A smartphone camera's flash and some fancy processing algorithms are all that's needed to verify the authenticity of whatever the ink has been applied to.
Matthew Braga

An Interview with a Serbian Smuggler Who Sells Chinese Counterfeit Luxury Clothing

Miki's traveled to Beijing 88 times in the last 15 years to procure knockoff goods for his "boutique."
Daniel Bukumirovic

Fake Malaria Pills Could Cause an Epidemic

Fake antimalarial pills sold on the black market have helped create a drug resistant malaria strain. We look at who's selling them and the problems they're causing.
Caitlin Reid

Checking Out Istanbul's Knockoff Marketplace While It Lasts

As Turkey's relationship with the European Union becomes tighter, adopting its copyright standards is nearly a foregone conclusion. For now, knockoff peddlers are able to do their business more or less in the open, dealing mostly to European tourists.
Sam Koebrich

North Korea's Got a Big Crystal Meth Problem

A New Report Details the Hermit Kingdom's Infamous Meth Production and Rising Addiction Rates.
Nathan Thompson
The What We Do is Secret Issue

Counterfeit Fun

After the media frenzy last summer about Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park's blatant and badly done Disney World rip-offs, the majority of the attractions were summarily demolished.
Patrick Tsai