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Sixteen Years Later, Country Radio Is Still Mad at the Dixie Chicks

Their appearance on Taylor Swift’s “Soon You’ll Get Better” is prompting angry comments and calls from radio listeners still upset about their anti-Iraq-War stance.


Guy Fieri Wants to Collaborate With Lil Nas X on an 'Old Town Road' Remix

Give Fieri a flame-embroidered suit, put them each on the back of a thoroughbred, and send them to Flavortown.


Former Mafia Member Allegedly Behind Rascal Flatts, Toby Keith Restaurant Chains

"We ... do not have a business relationship with the developer. They are not authorized to use our name in any way," Rascal Flatts wrote on Instagram.


Photos of the Land Where Dolly Parton Is Benefactor, Muse, and Queen

The country megastar's home county is full of hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and attractions funded by or inspired by Dolly.


Country Outlaw Whitey Morgan's New LP Is Steeped in Bourbon and the Blues

Stream the honky-tonk hellraiser's latest album, 'Hard Times and White Lines,' out October 26 via via Thirty Tigers


The Marcus King Band's 'Carolina Confessions' Is a Country Music Gut-Punch

Dave Cobb produced the triumphant record from the 22-year-old's band. Stream it now.


How Consumerism Devoured the Workin’ Man Blues

How did the genre transform from working class catharsis to an corporate marketing campaign for a certain version of the American dream?


This Teen Got Her Head Stuck in a Tailpipe and Just Owned the Hell Out of It

"Yeah I'm the tailpipe girl, whatchu know about it?"


Jason Eady's Upcoming Album Goes from Bluegrass to R&B

Hear "Calaveras County," the first song from Eady's upcoming album 'I Travel On.'


A Quick Review of Guy Fieri's 71-Song Spotify Cookout Playlist

Kid Rock? Boo. Dolly Parton? WOO!


Kacey Musgraves and Kylie Minogue Made the Same Record Two Different Ways

Kylie’s ‘Golden' and Kacey’s 'Golden Hour' both seek to merge country and pop, but only one album pulls it off.


Paisley Fields' New Album 'Glitter & Sawdust' Is One For The Queer Country Books

The Brooklyn-by-way-of-Iowa country artist James Wilson spoke to Noisey about his new album, the Walmart yodeling boy, and the ruckus Little Big Town's "Girl Crush" caused in country music.