Nassar victims' father tries to attack him in court

“Give me one minute with that bastard.”


What Being a Defense Lawyer Taught Me About the War on Drugs

An excerpt from 'Locking Up Our Own,' a powerful book by a former defense lawyer on the realities of the war on crime and how African Americans have helped in its escalation.


Is This Journalist Guilty of Low-Level Vandalism, or High-Damage Hacking?

Day two of the trial of Matthew Keys, accused of conspiring with Anonymous.


#Deflategate Tom Brady Memes Are a Touchdown

Meme artists sack a courtroom sketch of the dashing defendant.


Amanda Knox Has Been Acquitted of Murder Charges by Italy's Highest Court

The murder saga that has made waves on both sides of the Atlantic—for its sexually charged coverage as much as anything else—appears to finally be over.


The Chaotic Start of Mohamed Morsi's Trial

Yesterday, for the first time in four months, Egypt's deposed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi appeared in public. Since his ousting on July 3 the interim government and armed forces have gone to great lengths to keep his whereabouts a secret.


Illustrations from Inside Gitmo's Secretive Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Hearings

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s military commission at Guantanamo Bay is a guarded affair. These are the only unofficial visuals of the hearings.


Why Draw Pictures?

Where the respectable avert their gaze, artists stare. In the Renaissance, we dissected bodies in order to grasp the workings of a shoulder joint.