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Rise Up

Ways Everyday People Can Take Action on America's Homelessness Crisis Right Now

Want to make the world a better place? Here are a few immediate ways to help the most vulnerable among us.
Katelyn Harrop

Former Homeless Youth Share How They Were Able to Get Back on Their Feet

As youth homelessness continues to rise, former residents of Covenant House shelters tell us it's more important than ever to support organizations helping get kids off the streets.
Eric Kingrea

Not One Young American Should Have to Spend the Night Sleeping on the Streets

Ending youth homelessness requires a movement of government leadership, advocacy groups and social service providers coming together for change.
Kevin Ryan
Rise Up

'SHELTER' Highlights the Fight to End America's Youth Homelessness Crisis

In VICE’s new documentary, we journey to New Orleans to speak with the staff and residents of Covenant House, America’s largest non-profit shelter, to issue an urgent call to action to address the plight of homeless youth.
Impact Staff

Thousands of Homeless Teens Now Have Somewhere to Celebrate the Holidays

Despite our broken and underfunded child welfare system, community groups like Covenant House are providing much needed support at an emotional time.
Jim Kelly

To March Alongside Homeless Youth Is to Feel the True Power of Pride

A huge number of homeless youth in America identify as LGBTQ. At this weekend's New York City Pride, they had the opportunity to feel seen.
Xorje Olivares
VICE Films

Watch the Trailer for VICE Documentary Films' 'Shelter'

Our latest feature-length documentary from executive producer Michael K. Williams follows the lives of New Orlean's homeless youth over the course of a year.
VICE Staff