Photos of the Dangerous, Tight-Knit World of Australian Rodeo

"They’re completely sunburned and injured, but they still manage to smile."
Sam Nichols
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Photos of a Faceless Cowgirl Riding Free in the Wild West

Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi's latest series explores the limitation of gender roles and the freedom that comes with breaking the binary.
Elyssa Goodman
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Out on the Range with a Real, Live Marlboro Man

Lola Paprocka and Pani Paul traveled to Arizona and stumbled upon an iconic stunt riding cowboy.
Clara Mokri
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A Mysterious Horseman Lassoed a Wicked Bike Thief in a Walmart Parking Lot

Once the cowboy handed the thief over to the police, he presumably rode off into the sunset, Walmart shopping bags in tow.
VICE Staff

How to Make it as a Modern-Day Cowboy

"With everything that changes and everything that goes on in the world, I still throw a chunk of leather on a bronc and have to go ride it."
Sophie Saint Thomas

Hanging Out with Bull Riders and Barn Dancers in France

Rednecks from all over the world gathered last month at France's biggest country music festival, West Country Festival.
Lila Van der Meulen

Meet Rodeo's Most Successful Black Cowboy

After decades of being one of the only African American athletes at rodeos, Fred Whitfield has seen the type crazy cowboy shit you can't make up. We talked to him about rodeo racism, bar room brawls, and cocaine.
Daniel Otis