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New British Reality Show Asks Families to Eat Their Pets on Camera

In the first four episodes of the show, a chicken, a calf, a lamb, and a pig are each given to one of four different meat-eating families.


Tinder-Style App Now Ensures Dairy Cows Are Having More Sex Than You

If only online dating was this wholesome for humans.


Who Had the Most Average 2018?

'Tis the season to celebrate the best and brightest. But what about the just fine?


Knickers the Massive Cow Is Here to Make 2018 Worth It

He's extremely large and everyone loves him.


This is what the hell livestock auctioneers are actually saying

We went to the World Livestock Auctioneer Championship in Bloomington, Wisconsin to find out.


Feeding Cows Space Food Could Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Scientists want to bring back an environmentally friendly food source NASA tested on its astronauts in the 1960s: bacteria. Germs never tasted so good.


'Single-Origin Milk' Is for People Who Want to Know Their Cows

“One might be creamy and taste like ice cream, while other bottles might be very fresh or sweet,” Matthijs Baan writes.


A Researcher Got Paid $300,000 to Resign After He Said Shooting Wolves Is Bad

Robert Wielgus, director of the Carnivore Conservation Lab, received a settlement from the school after he sued for infringing on his academic freedom.


Inside HuCow, the Fetish That Imagines Women as Cows

It combines several kinks—lactation, domination, submission, objectification—and is much more popular than you'd imagine.


'Milk Is Disgusting,' Today's Comic by Ida Neverdahl

Norwegian cartoonist Ida Neverdahl explains why she doesn't drink cow's milk.


This Farmer Sent a Message to Tesla’s ‘Spaceman’ Using Cows

Derek Klingenberg's “cow art” is a clever mix of math and cattle.


Why Is Brooklyn Barbecue Taking Over the World?

Brooklyn BBQ is spreading to every corner of the world—Colombia, Spain, Panama, Sweden, England, and Japan—looking like it came straight out of Williamsburg. But why aren't these countries taking cues from Texas or Kansas City?