Baltimore Crab Restaurant Changes Dress Code After Being Accused of Blatant Discrimination

Prohibited items of clothing included baggy clothing, "athletic attire," "jerseys except on game days for Baltimore teams," and work boots.


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Kind of like a crab boil, but in salad form.


Restaurant Refuses to Grate Cheese for Customer's Seafood Dish, Calls it an 'Obscene Request'

Don't order cheese on your crab pasta unless you want an Italian chef to tell you to “try Parmesan on cow dung."


A Blue Crab Invasion Is Making Life Hell for Spanish Fishermen

Maryland's beloved blue crabs somehow made it across the Atlantic, and are now "devouring everything" and even getting compared to ISIS.


Easy Seafood Chowder Recipe

Say it with me now: CHOWDAH. (It tastes better with an accent, but in no way is this a traditional New England-style, ok?)


Two People Arrested After Buffet Brawl Over Crab Legs

"People are moving around, plates are shattering everywhere. It's not something you typically hear, if you can imagine a fencing match."


Alaska King Crab Rolls Recipe

Lobster is great and all, but king crab is pretty dank, too, tbh.


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This summery pasta will make you want to move to Maryland.


Crab Shells Could Become the Plastic of the Future

Researchers have found that instead of going into the garbage, crab shells could be going into a new form of biodegradable packaging.


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Chef Nick Elmi of Philadelphia's Laurel showed us a simple but mindblowing way to get the most flavor out of sweet summer corn.


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If you're not getting a little messy, you're probably doing it wrong.


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