I Was Injecting Heroin in the Bathroom While Working at One of the UK's Biggest Papers

"Everything felt better and easier on heroin. I felt OK with myself, OK with other people, and OK with life."
Joel Lewin
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This Town Is Freaking Out About Its New 'Crack Pipe Vending Machines'

Locals in Suffolk County have smashed at least one of the machines, selling "sketch pens" for $2, with sledgehammers.
Drew Schwartz

I Was a Cocaine Kingpin's Ride-or-Die

"When he came home, I would wake up and help him count the money."
Erika “Reika” Carter

Why So Many Young British People Are Smoking Crack

The past year has seen a huge 30 percent rise in people under the age of 25 seeking treatment for the drug.
Emily Goddard
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This McDonald's Allegedly Sold Burgers, Fries, and a Bunch of Cocaine

"Operation Off the Menu" uncovered a manager allegedly stuffing the drugs in cookie bags alongside McDoubles and fries.
Drew Schwartz
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America's Latest Drug Epidemic Is Weirdly Nonviolent

The 70s heroin wave and 80s crack crisis each saw major gun violence, including huge numbers of murders. Not so much with the current opioid epidemic.
Maia Szalavitz

When a Homeless Addict Gets Blamed for a Massive Highway Collapse

A homeless man who smoked crack near the site of a highway fire in Atlanta is on the hook for the fiasco. But even if he did it, the incident speaks to inequality and neglect.
Camille Pendley

We Talked to the Director Whose New Movie Has Left Rob Ford's Family Furious

'Filth City' filmmaker Andy King talks about Toronto's strange times, being called a "scumbag" by Doug Ford, and the everlasting legacy of the late mayor.
Allison Tierney

Grim Photos of Gang Life in Brooklyn from the Early 2000s

The photographer known as Boogie has been documenting street life, gang violence, and crime in marginalized communities for two decades.
Seth Ferranti

The Inside Story of How the UK's Big City Drug Gangs Are Taking Over the Rest of the Country

More and more, city gangs are sending young runners out into the sticks to sell crack and heroin. We spoke to dealers, sex workers, and police to get a better understanding of how the whole process works.
Max Daly

A Triple Murder, a Broken Family, and the Long Tail of the Crack Era

In 1991, three people were found brutally executed in a Washington, DC, park. Twenty-five years later, two suspects were finally arrested.
Donovan X. Ramsey

Explaining the Bizarre World of British Nightlife to Americans

British nightlife is a beautiful free-for-all of internet drugs, Wavey Garms girls, illegal raving, and regretful sex. But to the American outsider, it can seem confusing.
Francisco Garcia & Zach Sokol