A Defunct Soviet Venus Probe Will Crash Into Earth After Decades in Orbit

Skywatchers say Kosmos 482, which was designed to withstand the harsh environment of Venus, will likely land on Earth intact.


Why Blue Origin Plans to Crash-Land Its Reusable Rocket

The vehicle will land with one bum parachute to test its safety systems.


Smartphones May Be Killing Us — Literally

Traffic fatalities are on the rise this year in the US, and federal officials say it's due to distracted driving.


Biker Takes Huge Fall off Cliff, Still Finishes Run

This is insane and should never happen.


Trucking Companies Want to Drug-Test Drivers Using Hair Samples

A change to Department of Transportation rules proposed in Congress could subject truck drivers to drug testing by hair sample, a method they say is unreliable and jeopardizes their livelihoods.


Cyclist Seriously Injured in High-Speed Crash at Tour of Utah

Irish cyclist Matt Brammeier was involved in a scary and violent crash in Utah this weekend resulting in fractured ribs, a punctured lung, and fractures to his pelvic and sacral bones.


Brad Keselowski Runs Over His Own Pit Crew

Brad Keselowski ran over his own pit crew and earned a penalty for sending a tire onto the track, but still managed to come in second.


VICE Sports World News Roundup: July 8

Start your day with VICE Sports. Here's our morning roundup of the sports news from around the world.


NASCAR Race at Daytona Ends in Crazy Crash into the Catch Fence

Austin Dillon walked away from this insane crash in a late night race at Daytona.


We Asked an Aviation Psychiatry Expert Why Pilots Might Have Psychotic Breaks

Why would someone like copilot Andreas Lubitz crash a plane deliberately when he seemed so healthy and happy?


Watch a Drone Crash In the Middle of a Car Race, Get Smashed to Bits

This drone does not know how drive.


Virgin Galactic's Lesson: Kickstarting Space Tourism Comes With a Steep Price

When you promise the stars, accidents are inevitable.