I Think I Just Found $10,000 Inside a Painting I Bought for $88?

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“Fuck Me, I’m (CeeLo Green and I Dunno What I'm Doing) Famous”

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A Naked Male Model Started Screaming About Donald Trump in Times Square This Morning

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The Artist is Hospitalized in This Week's Comic from Anna Haifisch

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A New Zealand Student Cheater Smashed Up an Office with an Axe to Steal Her Exam Back

The unnamed 23-year-old hid in a closet inside Otago University, then broke down several doors in an apparent attempt to erase evidence of her cheating.


Meth Bugs Are Rare and Imaginary but They'll Make You Tear Your Skin Off

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Is This Guy Actually Doing Cocaine on the London Tube? Or Is the Video Fake?

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This Jet-Powered Go-Kart Is Basically Mario Kart IRL

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This Jen Kirkman Interview Is Not About Rape Jokes, Being Dirty, or Asking Whether Women Are Funny

"Raunchy? I don't think I'm raunchy. All my male peers get to talk about their dicks without being labeled dirty."