Why You Should Never Break Up with Someone at a Bar

If you bartend for long enough, you'll see a lot of weird, dramatic breakups, like women pulling out each other's weaves over Facebook "likes."


The Thanksgiving from Hell

Think your last Thanksgiving with your estranged uncle was bad? Try adding in the worst hangover of your life, an attack from an irate fur protester, and the loss of some crucial personal belongings.


Guess How Long It Took for Olive Garden to Sell 21,000 Never Ending Pasta Passes?

For passes being sold on eBay, bids are currently as high as $810 with two days to go until the auctions conclude.


A Council Has Ruled that Hot Dogs Are Officially Not Sandwiches

If you're one of these psychopaths that considers a hot dog a sandwich, the experts have weighed in and are saying it’s time to change your mind.


MUNCHIES Presents: BBQueue

Our meat-loving host Pat Dean joins the purgatorial six-hour line at Austin's Franklin Barbecue to find out why everyone from an entire bachelor party to a vegetarian is willing to tough it out for a taste.


Swedish Rapper Adam Tensta Interviewed a Man Who Was Shot in the Head

Hasan Zatara was left unable to speak, with half his body paralyzed, after a racist attack in 1992. Within five months between 1991 and 1992, the attacker shot at least 11 people. They were all immigrants


John Waters's Cavalcade of Perversions

In recognition of how thoroughly Waters has gotten under the world’s skin, Lincoln Center hosted Fifty Years Of John Waters: How Much Can You Take?, a 12-film retrospective of his life’s work. We managed to speak to him while we were there.


The Week In GIFs

What time is it, America? It's GIF time!!!


Who Will Stop the Homosexual Dance Teacher of East London?!

Homophobes say the funniest things, don't you agree? Dr Mark Walcott is the head of dance and drama at Newham College in East London. He thinks a gay teacher should be fired.


I Have Voluntary Tourette’s (and Am Insane)

This is Blake’s 100th post for, and to mark the occasion he told us he wanted to write “something more personal” than his usual fare. In that spirit, he sent us this peek inside his brain. It's crazy in there.


UFO Welcome Center

Jody Pendarvis is a kooky southern gentleman who has built a ramshackle UFO welcome center in his backyard in rural Bowman, South Carolina. If aliens happen to land around Bowman, they'll be greeted by Jody, who claims he'll be able to talk to them...


VICE's New York Fashion Week Photo Blog

New York Fashion Week is a peculiar happening filled with angry PR people, overworked baristas, poor people masquerading as the rich, and rich people masquerading as the poor. Basically, it's a mindfuck that can't be described by words, so instead here...