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'Three Kingdoms' Is the Best 'Total War' Game in a Decade

Turns out a little 'Dynasty Warriors' is just what Total War needed
Rob Zacny
Rome 2

'Rome 2' Finds the Limits of Reinvention in 'Rise of the Republic'

With a new patch and DLC, 'Rome 2' is the best possible version of its deeply flawed, awkwardly structured and paced strategy epic.
Rob Zacny
Total War: Three Kingdoms

How 'Total War: Three Kingdoms' Aims to Kill the Devil in the Details

With bigger maps, longer ranges, and reimagined sieges, 'Three Kingdoms' looks like it's granting a lot of fans' wishes.
Rob Zacny

'Thrones of Britannia' Is More Misadventure Than Reinvention for Total War

Some good ideas are buried by the bad ones, or obscured by some glaring problems.
Rob Zacny
Total War

Four Years After Launch, 'Rome 2' Might Finally Become a Great Game

Creative Assembly return to their epic—and epically flawed—blockbuster with an ambitious patch and a major expansion.
Rob Zacny
Alien Isolation

'Alien Isolation' is $9 on PS+ Right Now

Creative Assembly’s terrifying, true-to-’Alien’ game is on deep discount at the Playstation Store.
Danielle Riendeau

The ‘Alien: Isolation’ DLC Is the Most Movie-Authentic Thing You Can Play This 'Alien Day'

'Crew Expendable' puts you in the picture as one of the cast of ‘Alien’ as you struggle against an infamous extraterrestrial enemy.
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

The Horror and Violence of ‘Alien: Isolation,’ One Year Later

It pushes you to think about physical actions—and by extension violent ones—in a way you probably never have in a video game before.
Ed Smith