Arts and culture across America.

Oregon's Steampunk Sculptor Keeps a Collective Afloat

Steve LaRiccia and the New Zone Arts Collective are fighting to keep Eugene’s fine arts community alive.

Nathaniel Ainley

A Native American Artist Bridges Indigenous and Western Cultures

Oregon artist Ka’ila Farrell-Smith celebrates her multicultural Pacific Northwest upbringing through her art.

Andrew Salomone

‘Fearless Girl’ Sculptor Says Removing Her Work Would Squash Its Meaning

The bronze is only one of a group of notable public works in Delaware-based artist Kristen Visbal's portfolio.

Mikelle Street

GWAR's Slave Pit and the Richmond Art Scene From Whence It Came

Here's how a former NEA staffer praised the bloodiest aliens to conquerer Planet Earth's metal scene as model citizens of "the creative city."

Beckett Mufson

Artist Laura Amphlett Hides the Desert's Magic in Collaged Boxes

Divination, inspiration, and the magic hidden in plain sight in Arizona.

Emerson Rosenthal

How Political Art Heats Up a Divided Arizona

Julio César Morales writes about the healing potential of issue-driven artwork along the US-Mexico border.

Julio César Morales

A Light Artist Uses Projections as a Conduit to God in Arizona

Phoenix, AZ-based artist Francisco Flores uses light to transmit spiritual and psychological healing in his immersive installations.

Andrew Nunes

Two Brothers Transform Phoenix with a Nomadic Art Space

The Fortoul Brothers have made it their mission to make the capital of Arizona into a capital of the art world.

Beckett Mufson

Cacti, Crows, and Crazy Colors Combine to Celebrate Arizona

Painter Frank Gonzales finds inspiration in his beautiful hometown of Mesa, AZ.

Jenny Hart

How Moving to Arizona Unlocked This Muralist's Candy-Colored Fantasy Land

Before moving to Phoenix, Madrid native Yai drew dark, gruesome illustrations. Now, her paintings are filled with sunshine.

Mikelle Street

A Mexican-American Artist Advocates for Immigrants in Arizona

Rogelio Gutierrez has spent his career making artwork that promotes understanding and unity between people along the Mexico-US border.

Sean Neumann

[NSFW] ColorOrgy Hijacks Gender Norms With Cheeky Pastel Illustrations

The Arizona artist uses bright colors and kitsch to masque an otherwise subversive agenda.

Catherine Chapman