Potstickers Royale

Super crispy and bursting with flavor, just like a good potsticker should be.
Abraham Conlon and Adrienne Lo

I Ate Hunter S. Thompson's Infamous Breakfast And I'll Never Do It Again

It sucks to be naked in the rain—especially if your body is full of tequila, bacon, and coke.
Kristian Ejlebæk Nielsen
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These Fruit and Nutella Crêpes Are Porn-Star-Approved

If you want a dessert that is decadent, delicious, and over-the-top, you could do worse than turn to a porn star

Fruit and Chocolate Crepes Recipe

The French indulgence stuffed with fruit, and slathered in hazelnut spread with whipped cream.
Kayden Kross

What Happens When You Make Dinner with Fergus Henderson and a 47-Year-Old French Cookbook

London boozer-cum-restaurant The Marksman recently hosted a dinner with iconic St. John founder Fergus Henderson, using his favourite French cookbook—Ma Gastronomie—as inspiration.
Gareth May

Why I'm Putting Blood in My Bread and Ice Cream

I source duck blood of really good quality. It’s not 100-percent interchangeable with eggs, but we use it for the same purpose in some of our menu items, such as blood crepes.
Bryce Gilmore

You Can Have the Best French Macaron Of Your Life in Southeast Asia

The junction of Rue Samsenthai and Rue Thadeua isn’t exactly where you’d think to go for escargot and paté. But in Vientiane, Laos, you can find classic French cuisine in an unexpected setting.
Noelle Mateer
World Cup

This Is What a World Cup Food Orgy Looks Like

Photographer George Zisiadis imagines the teams of the World Cup through their countries' representative foods—mussels and fries for Belgium, rice and beans for Costa Rica—and then mashes them up into a Frankenstein dish.
Munchies Staff

How-To: Make Chocolate & Fruit Crepes with Kayden Kross

If you're looking for a way to mix things up in the kitchen, then you need to watch how to make chocolate and fruit crepes the Kayden Kross way, your neighborhood porn star.
Kayden Kross