How-To: Make Cretan Spinach Pie with Andy Milonakis

Watch Andy Milonakis get back to his Greek roots as he uses poor knife skills, fresh herbs, and some good-ass feta to shows us how he eats like a fat prince with this Cretan spinach pie.


Grilling Quail with a Forensic-Psychologist-Turned-Chef

At Morito, the new East London outpost of famed Exmouth Market tapas restaurant Moro, head chef (and former forensic psychologist) Marianna Leivaditaki grills quail over charcoal before dressing with pomegranate molasses and Lebanese pistachios.


Italian Authorities Work to Identify Drowned Migrant Infant Seen in Shocking Photo

The infant was pulled from the sea last Friday by rescuers after an overcrowded wooden fishing boat carrying more than 400 migrants capsized and sank off the Libyan coast.


800 Angry Farmers Just Stormed Greece's Agriculture Ministry

Farmers wielding shepherd's staffs threw stones and vegetables at the Agriculture Ministry and set dumpsters on fire.


'This Is War': My Time Among the Militant, Anti-Euro Greeks of Crete

A personal look into how austerity measures and the economic crisis have affected Greeks in Chania, Crete, some of Greece's most fervent anti-austerity citizens.


Snails Have Long Been the Lobsters of Cretan Cuisine

"We go out at night, with a lamp, and then 'THROOP!' [makes a snagging gesture with his hand]—the kohli. Then we keep them for a month, feeding them macaroni or pasta and using water to clean them out."


Cretan Spinach Pie Recipe

Go Greek with fresh herbs, spinach, and feta, wrapped in dough and pan-fried.


Drunken British Tourists Are Ruining Greek Vacation Spots

Laganas, a sun-kissed village on the Greek island of Zante, is the kind of vacation destination where it takes ten minutes to get drunk, another ten to reach orgasm, and an eternity to get over all the horrible things you've done. Naturally, it's a...