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Anti-Trump protestors rally ahead of Electoral College confirmation, evacuation of eastern Aleppo resumes, and more.
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Chad's Former Dictator Hissene Habre Found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity

The verdict caps a 16-year battle by victims and rights campaigners to bring the former strongman to justice in Senegal, marking the first time that the former head of one African nation has been tried by a court in another country.
VICE News and Reuters

60,000 People Have Died in Assad's Prisons During Syria's War, Monitoring Group Says

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says it arrived at the number by adding up death tolls provided by sources in several Syrian jails and security agencies.
Reuters and VICE News
Islamic State

Syrian Troops Discovered a Mass Grave With Beheaded Bodies Amid the Ruins of Palmyra

Syria's state news agency reported that a grave left behind by the Islamic State contained about 40 bodies, including many women and children.
Tess Owen

Serb Nationalist Leader Vojislav Seselj Is Acquitted of Balkan War Crimes

Seselj was accused of setting up paramilitary units responsible for ethnic cleansing that killed thousands of people and drove tens of thousands of Muslims and Croats from their homes.
Reuters News Agency

Court Finds Former Serb Leader Karadzic Guilty of Genocide, War Crimes, and Crimes against Humanity

Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic was sentenced to 40 years in jail by UN judges who found him guilty of genocide for the 1995 Srebrenica massacre and of nine other war crimes charges.
Reuters and VICE News

The ICC Just Convicted Ex-Militia Leader and Vice President Jean-Pierre Bemba of War Crimes

The International Criminal Court issued the verdict on Monday from The Hague, finding Jean-Pierre Bemba guilty of five crimes against humanity and war crimes, for murder, rape, and pillaging.
Kayla Ruble

UN Calls for Kim Jong-un to Be Prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity

Political prison camps, torture, "slave-like labor" and religious persecution remain features of the state apparatus, two years after a landmark UN investigation into crimes against humanity.
VICE News and Reuters

The Extent of the Islamic State's Atrocities in Iraq Has Been Laid Bare by the UN

Nearly 19,000 civilians were killed in Iraq over 21 months and an estimated 3,500 are being held as slaves, says the UN in a new report documenting the enduring "horror" of life there.
Miriam Wells

Two Convicted Ethiopian War Criminals Have Been Sheltering in an Italian Embassy for 24 Years

VICE News has received confirmation that two former ministers in Ethiopia's murderous Derg regime are still in the Italian embassy in Addis Ababa, where they've been hiding out since 1991.
Sally Hayden

France Investigates Syrian Regime For Crimes Against Humanity

The investigation will be centered on 45,000 photographs showing the mutilated bodies of detainees tortured and executed inside Syrian government prisons.
Lucie Aubourg

German Court Sentences Pair of Rwandan Masterminds Behind DR Congo Atrocities

A landmark four-year trial in Stuttgart ended with jail terms for two Rwandan rebel leaders who orchestrated crimes against humanity in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s civil war.
Lucie Aubourg and Pierre Longeray