flint michigan

Flint, Michigan, Has Been Betrayed — A Lot. Residents Say It’s Happening Again.

“To have faith in someone, for a Flint resident, is taboo.”
Emma Ockerman
Opioid Crisis

Billionaire Opioid CEO Found Guilty in Scheme to Bribe Doctors with Lap Dances and Lavish Dinners

The scheme was meant to encourage doctors to overprescribe a fentanyl-based spray.
Alex Lubben

Performing abortions in Alabama could soon be punishable by up to 99 years in prison

The Alabama House is voting on a bill that would make almost all abortions illegal.
Carter Sherman
VICE News Tonight on HBO

This guy collects artwork from serial killers and sells it on

William Harder owns one of the largest collections of murderer artwork and memorabilia in the world.
Brady Welch

The Best Podcasts of 2018

Refresh your appointment listening with our picks for the best audio shows of the year.
VICE Staff
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How bitcoin helped track down suspects in the Russia investigation

One blockchain developer showed VICE News how to trace just anyone with a bitcoin wallet.
William Turton
El Chapo

El Chapo’s lawyers want to suppress evidence from spyware used to catch cheating spouses

The kingpin's lawyers have long suspected the government used spy technology to bust their client. Now, they appear to have proof.
Keegan Hamilton

Current and Former Fugitives Talk About Being on the Run from Police

We spoke to a guy currently on the run, one who was caught and is currently in prison, and another who's now free, about hiding out from the law.
Sophie Brown

The Life Story of Copenhagen's Most Hardened Gangster

Leon Fristrup Jensen has spent a total of 31 years in prison.
Lars Jellestad

A Felt Artist Recreated the UK's Most Shoplifted Items

British artist Lucy Sparrow took a humorous look at the everyday criminal act of shoplifting.
Kevin Holmes

Watch As We Investigate Alternative Enterprises from the Inside on 'Black Market: Dispatches'

In our new VICELAND show, we'll meet a dark net dealer, sugar babies, and counterfeiters to explore the motivations behind the world's underground economies.
VICE Staff
Remembering Things

The Forgotten Ferocity of Fiona Apple's Debut 'Tidal'

Two decades on and Apple's debut continues to sear. Released when she was 18, her unerring ability to turn the mirror on herself puts current confessional teen "engénues" to shame.
Nick Levine