A New Program Judges If You’re a Criminal From Your Facial Features

The machine learning experiment boasts seemingly incredible accuracy, but is being criticised for human biases and the potential to label innocent people as guilty.
Ben Sullivan
High Wire

How Wall Street Dehumanized Teenage Inmates with Scientology-Infused Therapy

This is what happened when Goldman Sachs cash paid for teenage inmates on Rikers Island to try a bizarre therapy tinged with Scientology.
Maia Szalavitz

A Former Inmate Talks About How Prisons Manufacture Criminals

Prisoners often suffer dehumanizing abuse at the hands of guards and other inmates, and are ill-prepared to get jobs and homes once they're out—is it any wonder so many of them go back to crime?

Do Sociopaths Make Better Soldiers?

Though you might think people who could kill without remorse would make perfect fighters, in reality it can be difficult to make it as a soldier without a conscience.
Sulome Anderson

Is Filming the LAPD Driving Up Crime in Los Angeles?

According to one expert, citizens filming incidents of police brutality could be discouraging cops from enforcing the law.
Mike Pearl
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This Weak With David Roth: Sepp Blatter And The Giant Meatball

This week belonged to the craven, unshameable power lords of FIFA, some of whom might be going to jail. They will be missed, of course. And probably replaced.
David Roth

My Grandfather Was a Gun-Running Psychopath Who Hung with William S. Burroughs

Paul Lund was a serial womanizer, a career criminal, and a friend of the Beats. He was also, as I recently found out, the father my mom never met.
Ryan Fletcher

Fear, Tension, and Assault Rifles: Inside a Ferguson Bar

The Dellwood Lounge remained unscathed through all the unrest. Maybe the people on the street were just as afraid of what was behind the plywood as the men on their barstools were of the chaos outside.
Justin Glawe

The US Prison System Is Shrinking, but Very, Very Slowly

There were a lot of celebratory headlines after Attorney General Eric Holder announced a drop in the federal prison population last week, but the state-by-state numbers tell a more complicated tale.
Matt Taylor
Motherboard Blog

All TV and No Play Makes Jack a Lousy Boy

Maybe grandma was right. Too much TV really is bad for you.
Austin Considine