ICE spokesman quits rather than make "false" statements for Trump and Sessions

I just couldn't bear the burden — continuing on as a representative of the agency and charged with upholding integrity, knowing that information was false," the former ICE spokesman said.
Carter Sherman
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A Band of Friendly Thieves Stole People's Shit Just by Asking, Cops Say

Most of the victims were leaving New York City bars when they were robbed and willingly handed over their wallets or phones.
Drew Schwartz
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A Serial Shaver Is Terrorizing Cats in Virginia

At least seven felines have been whisked away from their homes, shaved, and returned otherwise unharmed.
Drew Schwartz

How a Clinton-Era Law Is Still Criminalizing Immigrants Today

Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibly Act reinforced the idea that there are "good" immigrants and "bad" immigrants, and the bad ones should be deported straight away.
Aviva Stahl

We Go Inside the Tunnels of Gaza Tonight on VICELAND

Watch the series premiere of 'Black Market: Dispatches' our new show where we embed ourselves inside criminal enterprises to explore how contraband moves across borders.
VICE Staff

Inside the Dating Site for Murderers, Rapists, and Violent Offenders

Canadian Inmates Connect made sensational headlines last year when notorious killer Luke Magnotta's profile showed up, but founder Melissa Fazzina believes her site supports rehabilitation.
Molly Hayes

Step Inside New Jersey's Organized Car Theft Rings on the First Episode of 'Black Market'

Check out the first episode from Michael K. Williams's new VICELAND show about the desperation driving the world's underground economies before it airs July 5.
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Europe: The Final Countdown

Do People Actually Want to Move to the UK to Commit Crime?

We asked a few former criminals to find out if there's any truth in the EU Referendum Leave camp's claims.
Nick Chester
club culture

Forget The Haçienda, Konspiracy Was Manchester's Wildest Acid House Night Out

We look back on a short lived nightclub that was the real home of the Madchester underground.
Nick Chester

When Sculptures Kill...

From installation accidents, to sculptures used as murder weapons, here's a brief history of killer art.
Alyssa Buffenstein

We Asked Ex-Career Criminals How They Would Have Pulled Off Britain's Biggest Cash Heist

It's been 10 years since a group of guys stole $76 million from a Kent cash depot, but we wanted to know how they messed it all up.
Nick Chester

Drones Will Forever Change How Pirates Operate on the High Seas

“For the first time, non-state adversaries would have an air force.”
Jordan Pearson