Everest Is Melting, Revealing Tons of Garbage and Human Bodies

Due to decades of commercial mountaineering and climate change, the worlds tallest mountain is becoming “the world’s highest garbage dump.”


When Bad Circumstances Make Anxiety Vanish

I have generalized anxiety disorder, but in times of true crisis, my anxiety seems to disappear.


José Andrés Fed 3 Million People in Puerto Rico, But Wishes It Had Been More

"I think leadership is 51 percent empathy. With empathy, you can gain the hearts of anybody, if you mean business."


Robert Christgau on the Genius of Thelonious Monk

The Dean reviews MAST's 'Thelonious Sphere Monk,' Monk's own 'Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1960,' and Ornette Coleman's 'Ornette at 12/Crisis.'


The Kremlin won't admit that Russia's HIV epidemic is getting worse

The incurable virus is jumping from intravenous drug users to the general population


Jakarta is the world's fastest-sinking city

Jakarta is sinking and its people are making the problem worse


Cape Town could become the world’s first major city to run out of water

Millions of people in Cape Town, South Africa, are about to run out of water.


Thousands of Holiday Flights Don't Have Pilots After a Glitch at American Airlines

Apparently the carrier's computer system allowed way too many crew members to take time off in December.


Harvey's death toll rises as Houston continues to flood

Hurricane Harvey's death toll rises as Houston continues to flood.


Charlottesville empowered Nazi supporters in Berlin

More than 500 neo-Nazis, inspired by Charlottesville, marched through Berlin in the largest fascist rally the city has seen in more than a decade.


Toronto Rental Opportunity of the Week: The Ceiling of This Apartment in Leslieville

Definitive photographic proof that Toronto landlords are just trolling us at this point.