17 Sweet Potato Recipes That Might Pass for 'Healthy'

Sure, there might be marshmallows on top, but it's what's underneath that counts.


British Post Offices Politely Ask People to Stop Protest-Mailing Empty Potato Chip Bags

Concerned citizens have been mailing non-recyclable Walkers chip bags back to the company to urge them to change their practices.


Man Fired for Using Bag of Chips to Hide from Employer's GPS Tracking

The electrician was equal parts lazy and crafty.


Preppers Taught Me How to Eat When the World Ends

I spoke to two very different preppers to understand how they plan to eat once the world comes to an end.


School Kids’ Packed Lunches Are Just as Bad as They Were Ten Years Ago

Surveying packed lunches in primary schools across England, researchers from the University of Leeds found that just 1.6 percent met the nutritional standards required of the meals served in school canteens.


Your 'Healthy' Hummus Could Contain More Salt Than Four Bags of Chips

Consensus Action on Salt and Health surveyed 210 of Britain’s most popular chilled dips and found that many contain worryingly high levels of salt.


Scientists Might Have Figured Out How to Stop You From Binge Eating

New research from Johns Hopkins University has found that suppressing certain neurons in rats’ brains can make them less likely to seek sugary rewards. This could have implications for human behaviour, too.


Lack of Sleep Could Be Why You Have the Munchies

According to a new study from the University of Chicago, lack of sleep may alter brain chemicals in a similar way to the hunger-boosting ingredient found in cannabis.


The Christmas Spirit Lives In the UK's Convenience Store Snacks

On Christmas, when UK markets basically shut down, convenience stores will still be bestowing their convenience —and comforting reliability—on us all.


A Teenager Filmed David Cameron Eating Pringles and the Internet Went Crazy

For this week’s instalment of Politicians Eating Weird Shit, we turn to British Prime Minister David Cameron, eating salted snacks on a budget airline.


Real-Life Sports Are Much Better When They’re Video Games

There's no denying it: take controllers and immediate access to chips out of the equation and a bunch of these things are dull as fuck.


This School Banned Doritos After a Student Said a Spicy Chip Nearly Killed Her

A North Yorkshire school has banned Doritos Roulette chips after a 14-year-old suffered an asthma attack she says was induced by the extra hot flavour. “I really thought I was going to die,” she said.