Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner


Porn Chatbot Tricks Argentinians Into Thinking They’re Chatting With President

Tricking people into believing they’re chatting with a President is easier than convincing them they’re chatting with almost-naked women.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

An Argentine civil rights heroine is embroiled in an alleged scam

Hebe de Bonafini — one of the original Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo who defied the military dictatorship in the 1970s — insists she is being targeted because of her constant criticism of President Mauricio Macri.
Alan Hernandez

A political era is collapsing in Argentina in a swirl of corruption cases

The case of José López epitomizes the fall of the once mighty Kirchneristas. The former minister was arrested last month trying to donate $9 million dollars to some nuns in a convent.
Gaston Cavanagh

Argentina's Ex-President Wants Everyone to Know She's Not Scared of Corruption Probes

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s defiance was on display this week when she told 15,000 supporters, who had accompanied her to a court hearing, that she will never bow to the political persecution she says are behind the allegations.
Gaston Cavanagh

Argentine Prosecutor Wants President Macri Investigated Because of the Panama Papers

The prosecutor says Macri may have committed a crime by not including information about offshore companies he was involved with in the declaration of his assets he made when he was mayor of Buenos Aires.
Gaston Cavanagh

Obama's Visit to Argentina: A New 'Mature' Chapter in a Complicated Relationship

The visit is seen as a triumph for President Macri’s efforts to rebuild relations with the US after a chilly 12 years, but has also rekindled painful memories of US support for the military dictatorship that took power in Argentina exactly 40 years ago.
Taylor Dolven

Can Bitcoin Still Thrive in Argentina Without Price Controls?

The official dollar exchange rate, once a major motivation for bitcoin's use, has now been eliminated.
Kari Paul

Argentina’s President Macri Urges Congress to End 15-Year Feud with ‘Vulture Funds’

The deal, announced on Monday, looks set to end one of the most brutal debt battles ever seen between a country and a creditor though some in Argentina see it as a betrayal
Peter Lykke Lind

Activists Fear the History of Argentina's Dirty War Is About to Be Rewritten

Argentina’s new right wing president, Mauricio Macri, dragged his feet over meeting iconic human rights activists and has appeared to question the accepted figure of 30,000 people killed or disappeared during the 1976-83 military dictatorship.
Remi Lehmann

Evo Morales Is No Longer Invincible, But It's Not Because Bolivia Is Moving to the Right

Results so far show Morales losing Sunday’s referendum that could allow him a fourth term, but the leftist president is clinging to the hope that rural votes not yet counted will give him victory in the end.
Simeon Tegel

One Year Later, Alberto Nisman’s Death Is Still a Troubling Mystery For Argentina

Exactly a year ago today Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman died while investigating the worst terrorist attack in the country's history occurred in 1994. The difference now is that the recent change in government has given the case new momentum.
Gaston Cavanagh

These Fugitives Were Caught In Argentina — But We Still Don't Know How They Escaped

The arrest of the fugitives opens a new chapter in a political scandal that allegedly involves high level members of the government of former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in an ephedrine trafficking ring.
Gaston Cavanagh