Cristina Kirchner


Argentina Wants Americans to Think Alberto Nisman Was Full of Shit

Cristina Kirchner's cabinet took out a full-page advertorial in the Wall Street Journal this weekend to discredit the dead prosecutor's case against the Argentine president.
Liz Fields

Judge Tosses Out Case Against Argentina's President, in Claims Called a 'Copy-Paste'

On the same day a judge categorically dismissed the claims that Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner orchestrated a cover-up for Iran, the president reshuffled key posts in her cabinet.
Gaston Cavanagh

Massive 'March of Silence' Marks One Month Since Argentine Prosecutor's Mysterious Death

Thousands came out in Argentina to pay homage to the prosecutor who died under suspicious circumstances the day before he was set to present his case against President Cristina Kirchner for her alleged role in impunity in the 1994 AIMA bombing case.
Daniel Hernandez

New Prosecutor in Jewish Center Bombing Case Accuses Kirchner of a Deal With Iran — Again

Nearly a month since the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, the man replacing him on Friday repeated the claim that President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner ordered a cover-up of Iran's involvement in the 1994 attack.
Gaston Cavanagh

Argentina Minister Defends Kirchner's Offensive 'Chinese Accent' Tweet

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner mocked a stereotypical Chinese accent in a tweet during a visit to Beijing, but the gaffe didn't appear to hamper her government's aims at increasing strategic relations with China.
Gaston Cavanagh

Adopting Potential Werewolves Is Routine Business for Argentine Presidents

While a werewolf Bar Mitzvah might be a joke on "30 Rock," it's also apparently a real thing that just happened in South America.
Allie Conti

Argentina's Economy is Tanking

Argentina’s economy is not doing well. Trade with other countries is restricted, inflation is high, and there is a shortage of dollars.
Denisse Espejel