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The Five Things You Should Know Before You Try CrossFit

CrossFit trainer Ben Bergeron told us the five keys to making your first class feel less intimidating.
Spenser Mestel
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Some CrossFit Gyms Feature Pictures of These Puking, Bleeding Clowns

Only the most dedicated CrossFitters will recall 'Uncle Rhabdo' and 'Pukie.'
Mark Hay
Fighting Words

CrossFit Is a Home for Queer People Like Me

This week a high-ranking employee made homophobic statements, but the organization on the whole has shown itself to be an ally.
Spenser Mestel
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Working Out in Front of a Mirror Isn’t Vain, It’s Smart

There's a thin line between narcissism and mindful muscle work.
Grant Stoddard

CrossFit's New Meal Kit Is a $200 Box of Raw Meat

Broverload? Not so, says CrossFit.
Jelisa Castrodale
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How to Claim Your Space as a Woman in the Weight Room

I did it over a decade ago and never looked back.
Saysha Heinzman
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Weight Machines Still Deserve a Place in Your Workout

If they're good enough for Arnold, they're good enough for you.
Bryan Krahn, CSCS
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Crazy-High Box Jumps Are Only Good for Instagram Likes

We examined the ups—and the downs—of the internet’s favorite exercise.
Michael Easter
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Your Seven-Minute Workout Sucks

A new study suggests high-intensity intervals aren’t magic.
Michael Easter

Can You Do CrossFit Without Being a Dick?

I went to a CrossFit competition to find out.
Sam Briggs
You're Smarter Than That

10 Health Ideas to Leave in 2016

Let 2017 be the year we finally get everything right.
Samantha Lefave
gender-coded physiques

Why Are Female Athletes Criticised For Developing a "Masculine" Physique?

In becoming strong and muscular through sport, women prove that anatomy is not destiny, and that gender is not a determinant of ability or power. But society doesn't always see that as a good thing.
Emilia Bona