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Brooklyn Bar Under Fire for Glorifying ‘Bullet Hole-Ridden’ Wall in Historically Violent Neighborhood

Members of the Crown Heights community are not stoked on what they perceive to be a gross case of insensitive gentrification.
Jelisa Castrodale
Brooklyn's Dirty Masquerade

Brooklyn's J'ouvert Is New York's Most Polarizing Street Festival

Brooklynites and city officials weigh in on the raucous West Indian street masquerade that some say celebrates Caribbean culture and others say is marred by violence.
Sonja Sharp

The Human Price of Gentrification Emerges in a Brooklyn Installation

Marcus Jahmal’s 'No Place Like Home' examines a rapidly changing borough.
Antwaun Sargent
Remembering the Hipster

What Makes a Neighborhood 'Hip'?

Is it by design? Marketing? Close proximity to a gourmet cheese shop?
Brian McManus

How 'Violence Interrupters' Are Trying to Stop Gang Shootings in Brooklyn

In a year that has seen murder rise in New York, locals are trying to mediate between gang members—before it's too late.
John Surico

The Luxury Brooklyn Apartment Complex at the Site of a Former Prison

A small group of Crown Heights community members are trying to halt a new construction project, arguing that it sits on hallowed grounds that reflect the neighborhood's history of racism.
Hannah K. Gold

The NYPD Hopes to Help Rehabilitate Gang Members With Pizza Parties

As part of a program to fight youth violence, the NYPD has been inviting members of rival gangs to come eat cheese pizza and gain some food for thought.
Hilary Pollack

How New York's Massive Homeless Population Endured Winter 2015

I talked to homeless New Yorkers about taking refuge on the subway, watching out for the cops, and why sleeping on the street was sometimes better than staying in a homeless shelter.
John Surico

This Stinky, Tasty Cheese Is Ripening in Caves 30 Feet Below Brooklyn

Below the streets of Brooklyn's Crown Heights, two resourceful cheese-agers are filling centuries-old caves with some of the tastiest Tommes and blues you'll ever taste.
Caitlin Gunther

Video Shows Orthodox Man Saying 'Don't Shoot' Before Police Kill Brooklyn Synagogue Attacker

Video footage shows a deadly encounter between New York police officers and a man who allegedly stabbed a young rabbinical student in the head Tuesday.
Kayla Ruble

Hasidic Rock Band Bulletproof Stockings Just Want an All Girl Party

I met with Dalia and Perl of Bulletproof Stockings at their apartment—a week after their controversial women-only show in Brooklyn—to talk about feminism, performing for gentiles, and keeping the Torah.
Erica Euse
Ozersky files

My Gourmet Guide to Bad Chinese Takeout

I live in a bad area. This is my guide meant to help fellow denizens of shitty neighborhoods eat well, wherein I dissect the dirty oil glory that is the deliciously gross Chinese takeout restaurant in your 'hood.
Josh Ozersky