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Climate Change Exacerbates Hurricane Florence as America Becomes World’s Leading Crude Oil Producer

Hurricane Florence will make landfall in the Carolinas on the same day the US Department of Energy announces that the US has likely surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia in crude oil production.
Becky Ferreira
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Trump Is Expected to Advance the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines

The president is slated to sign two executive actions Tuesday that will advance construction on the controversial pipelines, despite outcry from various environmental groups.
Lauren Messman

Inside the Movement to Stop the Oil Industry's 'Bomb Trains'

Activists say that carrying oil on trains leads to far too many explosions, derailments, and disasters.
Peter Moskowitz

Fort McMurray Residents Remain Displaced as Fire Pushes North

Estimates put the oil industry at a $770 million loss, and more evacuations have been ordered as the fire moves north.
Jake Kivanc

The Damage Done by Canada's Massive Wildfire So Far

The fire, now over three times the size of Toronto, is still considered "out of control" by emergency officials.
Jake Kivanc

How Badly Will US Exports of Crude Oil Hurt the Environment?

The reversal of the crude oil export ban is great news for oil and gas producers who've been hit hard by lower and lower prices for their goods in recent years. Unfortunately, it's terrible news for the rest of us.
Peter Moskowitz
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Obama Has Officially Axed the Keystone XL Pipeline Plan

On Friday, the president said "shipping dirtier crude oil into our country would not increase America's energy security."
Helen Donahue

Why ‘Punk Archeologists’ Are Heading to North Dakota

Researchers are studying the "man camps" that sprang up after the oil boom as if they're part of an ancient dig site.
Kathleen Caulderwood
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Azerbaijan Is Trying to Attract Tourism with Its Crude Oil Spas

While getting your crude oil all over the place is usually frowned upon, there's one town in Azerbaijan that's tied its fortune to dunking tourists in the stuff.
Ryan Max

Sweet Crude: Photographing an Oil Boom Town

The recent oil boom has transformed practically every aspect of Williston, North Dakota, and the surrounding area.
Annie Flanagan

Transporting Oil by Rail Is a Crude Gamble

Oil trains charging through North America are derailing and exploding—resulting in severe environmental damage and human casualties.
Greg Palast

Hugo Chavez Told Me He Won't Sell Oil to the Kochs

I’ve been tracking a tube of black putrid ooze, a toxic viper slowly slithering 2,000 miles across the belly of America, swallowing all water aquifers, politicians, and reason in its path. It's called the XL Keystone Pipeline.
Greg Palast