Cryptocurrency Mining


World's Biggest GPU Maker No Longer Expects to Make Money on Cryptocurrency Mining

Selling GPUs for cryptocurrency mining accounted for 10 percent of Nvidia’s revenue only a few months ago. Now the company isn’t factoring it into its revenue stream at all.


Apple Bans Cryptocurrency Mining In App Store

Apple recently updated its developer policies to ban apps that mine cryptocurrencies like Monero on user devices.


Cryptocurrency Miners Are Sabotaging Blockchains for Their Personal Gain

A wave of 51 percent attacks affecting Bitcoin Gold, Verge, and Monacoin resulted in nearly $20 million worth of cryptocurrency being stolen from exchanges this week.


The City That Banned Bitcoin Mining

Plattsburgh, NY voted to place an 18-month moratorium on new commercial cryptocurrency mines in the city on Thursday. Here's why, and what comes next for cities that have had a Bitcoin gold rush.


UNICEF Is Asking Gamers to Mine Cryptocurrency for Syrian Children

Graphics cards are good for more than games.


Cryptocurrency Miners Are Using Old Tires to Power Their Rigs

This new “waste-to-energy” setup is meant to be less resource intensive.


Cryptocurrency Mining Is Fueling a GPU Shortage

Looking for a new graphics card online? Good luck.


Someone Tried to Mine Bitcoin on a 1960s Punchcard Computer

It would take 40 times the age of the universe to successfully mine its first block.