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Decline of the Hard Lad: This Weekend in the Premier League

Crystal Palace finally scored a goal!
Will Magee

How Mamadou Sakho Fell Victim To Drug Testing’s Gray Areas

Mamadou Sakho was Liverpool's starting centerback. Then he tested positive for a banned substance. Or so we thought.
Aaron Gordon

Crystal Palace Fans Vandalized Own Team's Bus

Fans apparently thought they were targeting Middlesbrough's bus, but tagged their own bus with "Crystal Palace FC" graffiti.
Dave Brown
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Olivier Giroud Scored an Incredible Goal; It Happens to Be 2017

People arbitrarily decided that December 31st was the end of our empirical journey around the sun—Giroud scoring this amazing goal just so happened to land on today.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Southampton Keeper Fraser Forster Gifts Benteke Goal Off An Egregious Howler

Benteke, being a human being with legs and an understanding of where the goal is, just tapped the ball in for one of the easiest goals you'll see in a minute.
Liam Daniel Pierce

That Swansea vs Crystal Palace Game Was Absolute Madness

What an exciting time to be at rock bottom.
Liam Daniel Pierce
birthday cake and snaffled dinners

Yaya Toure and Teflon Pards: Reviewing Crystal Palace vs. Manchester City

In the third portion of our Premier League Review, we look to Yaya Toure and Alan Pardew, two men whose fortunes went in markedly different directions this weekend.
Will Magee
Crystal Palace

The Neutrals’ Guide To Falling In Love With… Crystal Palace

In a new monthly series, we ask football fans what makes them love their clubs. Here, Crystal Palace fans, in their own words, tell us how to appreciate the joys of Selhurst Park.
Will Magee
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Jamie Vardy’s Post-Party Comedown: Reviewing Leicester vs. Southampton

If last season was one long party for Jamie Vardy, the new campaign is starting to resemble a particularly brutal comedown, with at least one guy K-holing on the sofa.
Will Magee
alan pardew: football's answer to hector berlioz

Super, Super Al, Super Alan Pardew: A Paean To The Manager Who Gives Least Fucks

In our third Premier League Preview of the week, we admit our grudging admiration for Alan Pardew, sort of.
Will Magee
he chose – poorly

David Moyes and The Last Crusade: Previewing Sunderland vs. Crystal Palace

In the second of this week’s Premier League Previews, we fret over the rapid physical wastage that goes hand in hand with taking the Sunderland job.
Will Magee
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Christian Benteke Twitter Account Accidentally Reads that He Transferred to Burnley, Not Crystal Palace

If you're going to mistakenly say that you're going for Burnley, whoever made the error, at least spell the name right.
Liam Daniel Pierce