CT Scans


Scientists Used X-Rays to Virtually Unravel a Burnt 400-Year-Old Scroll

They were able to make out the writing on the scroll and now want to find more messed up old paper to experiment with.


This Is What a CT Scan of a Bumblebee's Brain Looks Like

Researchers have used new micro-CT imaging to see inside a bee’s brain.


This Simulated Injury Spurts Blood for Science

Researchers are making virtual wounds to train future trauma surgeons.


Rumors Are Flying that Bubble Tea Is Made Out of Tires and Old Shoes

After seeing a disturbing CT scan on the stomach of a patient who had recently consumed bubble tea, a reporter started asking around about what cafes are putting in their boba. The results were worrisome.


Researchers Sure Love Putting Mummies in CT Scans

Some of the more interesting mummified things we've CT scanned.


​Color X-Rays Are Coming

New Zealand researchers are building the 'first full-spectral CT colour X-ray scanner designed for human clinical trials.'


Dr. Fung's Rainbow Technique

From the country that "sold the skinned bodies of executed political prisoners":http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2006/apr/02/china.arts for use in a Barnumesque world-travelling curiosity show comes the latest innovation in oh-so-dazzling privacy invasion...