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John Turturro Is Back in the First Trailer for 'Jesus Rolls'

The first look at Turturro's "Big Lebowski" sequel is here. But it's in Italian.


'Southland Tales' Was Exactly Ten Years Ahead of Its Time

The messy follow-up to cult favorite 'Donnie Darko' imagined the Rock’s presidential ambitions over a decade ago.


Thom Yorke of Radiohead Is Scoring the Remake of a Legendary Horror Film

Radiohead’s famous frontman is composing his first-ever movie score—for 'Suspiria.'


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Amy Hood explores the darkness in intimacy in her new book, 'Visceral.'


[NSFW] A New Erotic Art Book Tells the Tale of a Nude Female Desert Cult

Amy Hood's erotic art book tells the story of a violent kidnapping in the Hollywood Hills.