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SLC Punks Look Back at 'SLC Punk!' and Agree It's Still Punk

The cult classic that told all poseurs to fuck off turns 20.
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This Cult 80s Film About the Nuclear Apocalypse Is Still Relevant, and That Sucks

Steve de Jarnatt’s ‘Miracle Mile’ offers a grim look at the world hours before nuclear apocalypse, kicked off by a pre-emptive strike by the US.
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We Talked to Tommy Wiseau About the New Dating Site for Fans of ‘The Room’

Except he didn't want to talk about the new dating site for fans of 'The Room' at all.
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David 'Rock' Nelson Has Been Creating Monster Movies in His Backyard for 25 Years

On this episode of 'OUTSIDER,' we head out on a road trip with Nelson to learn more about his life-long fascination with horror films.
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Watch This Actor Play 102 Different Characters in His DIY One-Man Film

Watch aspiring filmmaker Laz Rojas's self-produced one-man showcase, which he wrote, shot, directed, and starred in, playing 102 different roles.
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Cult Film Icon Laz Rojas Shares Some of His Hidden Creative Projects

After creating an ambitious demo tape in which he portrayed more than 100 different characters, aspiring filmmaker Laz Rojas went on to make a full-length feature film and a collection of video game mods.
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Check Out a Deleted Scene from Our New Cult Film Series 'OUTSIDER' on Today's 'Daily VICE'

We meet the martial arts guru behind what some critics called "the worst movie ever made," on our new web series, 'OUTSIDER.'
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The Founder of the Razzies Explains What the Academy Awards Are Getting Wrong

"Something that pompous and over-the-top as the Oscars is just begging to be ripped apart! It's like there's a big red balloon in front of you and you're holding a big, sharp pin—what are you going to do, not pop it?"
Rod Bastanmehr

'Dangerous Men' Is the Funniest and Worst Movie You'll See This Year

The magnum opus of outsider filmmaker John S. Rad wants to be a grim thriller. Instead, it's a bizarre and hilarious testament to the difficulties of creating art.
Harry Cheadle

Larry Fessenden Is the Greatest Horror Film Director You’ve Never Heard Of

We spoke to Fessenden about how being remembered is sometimes better than being paid.
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'Der Fan' Is the Batshit German Exploitation Horror Film You've Been Looking For

In honor of a stunning new Blu-Ray edition, we got some film experts to break down what makes Eckhart Schmidt's tale of an obsessive new wave fan a classic.
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We Spoke to Takashi Miike About His Bonkers Yakuza Vampire Movie

The cult Japanese director talks about his prolific output, his scuttled Tom Hardy project, and that time his mom took a bunch of her friends to see 'Ichi the Killer.'
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